9 Shocking Things Found in Sewers

If pulling a hairy ball of gunk out of your bathroom drain doesn’t really appeal to you, simply have a look at those strangest pieces of stuff discovered by plumbers around the world! Don’t worry, not all of them are gross – in fact, some of the stories are even pretty heartwarming!


#1. Cayman

It's an alligator! Bedford Schools' pond creature captured | The Blade

We’ve all heard of sewer rats, but have you ever heard of sewer crocodiles? Yes, you’ve read that correctly! In 2006, a large 272-kilogram specimen was found while exploring a drainage channel that was just a meter wide. Legends speak of the mutant alligators of New York, but this particular one was spotted in Texas’s southern state. It certainly wasn’t a silent discovery.


#2. Dinosaur fossils

Paleontologist Names New Dinosaur Species After Ex

A construction crew was working on a new housing complex when they discovered the archaeological remains of dinosaurs. Paleontologists were baffled by the veracity of the news. According to these experts, the fossils themselves belonged to an ancient duck-like creature called Hypacrosaurus. How did it get there? Another question remains unanswered. It all happened in the city of Alberta, Canada.


#3. Sheep

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Another unexpected element was discovered during a routine sewer inspection in Surrey, UK. A sheep was spotted wandering around in one of the tunnels. Luckily, its fellow friends didn’t follow him down there! Once again, the causes remain unsuspected. It’s really hard for a farmer to throw him down the drain. Today, he is still grazing healthily in the fresh green fields of Surrey!


#4. Cow

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And if you thought that only sheep were allowed to graze in the sewers, you were wrong. After a cow disappeared for four days in China, several mooing sounds were heard near a utility hole cover. Soon after, this mammal, whose whereabouts were unknown, was rescued. How she managed to get there remains a mystery. Maybe the aliens could not support her weight while trying to kidnap her!


#.5 Medium Mini

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Minis are cute and handy little cars, but did you know they were small enough to fit in a fecal canal? Well, that’s not exactly proven, as what was discovered in London, the UK, was only half of one of these cars blocking a sewer outlet. So, we can say that the Mini Cooper fits perfectly. It’s really a laundry list of weird things, don’t you think?


#6. Gold

Sewage sludge could contain millions of dollars worth of gold | Science | AAAS

The Nagano City Water Treatment Facility, in Japan, extracted gold valued at approximately $ 42,000 from the city’s sewers. The particles of this metal appeared to come from precision instruments used by the industrial sector. We don’t know who got all those gains, but they may well have improved sanitation at a minimal cost. It’s not a flawed system.


#7. Diamond in the Rough

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It turns out sewers can be a real treasure trove of luxury items, especially jewelry! While working on a two-day project for a client, plumbers noticed a shiny object falling to the ground from a sewer pipe. It turns out that the shiny object was actually a custom-made diamond ring that the client’s daughter had lost more than ten years ago when she put it on the counter near the sink!


#8. Hand Grenade

American Frag Hand Grenade MK2 3D Model

When handling the different objects found in these kinds of places, one must pay close attention! As mentioned previously, they can be anything, literally. And this example talks for itself! One should be extremely careful when handling a hand grenade that is still active. All of this happened in London, UK. Fortunately, there were no accidents or injuries. How do you think it got there? Did someone throw one of these explosives down the toilet? Well, that remains a real enigma!


#9. Mass of Fat

A pile of 15 tons of frozen fat along with baby wipes was found blocking a sewer under the streets of London, UK. Known as a grease trap, it was larger than a double red bus.


That brings us to the end of our list of the weirdest items ever found in sewers. For more uncanny discoveries, check out this article! What do you think about it? Remember to be very careful should you ever enter such a place!

9 Shocking Things Found in Sewers

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