Are Rain Showers Worth the Hype?

Bathroom trends come and go, but rain showers are very much here to stay for 2023 and beyond. So, let’s find out more about rainfall showers!

What Are Rainfall Showers?

What Are Rainfall Showers?In the UK, when it’s pouring down with rain, there’s nothing quite like the sweet, fresh and soothing scent of rain. Standing outside during the British summertime and feeling the raindrops on your face can leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and uplifted. The same rain-like effect can be created with a rainfall shower.

Usually, a perfect shower session can make you feel relieved and energetic, but nothing spoils the fun of the traditional low-water shower heads. When a house suffers from low water pressure, for example, the standard shower valve is often not enough to provide a powerful flow of water. On the other hand, rainfall showers come with much wider shower heads that spread the distribution of water across a wide surface. They can bring the feeling of glistening natural rain into your bathroom and turn every shower into a sanctuary of well-being.

Rain showers are a hot trend that’s growing in popularity. Whether you are planning on remodeling a small bathroom or updating your master bathroom, rainfall showers can help you make your bathroom look smart, luxurious and a place to retreat. In fact, since the design of these new showers guarantees aesthetic longevity, they are being installed in high-end hotels.

How Do Rain Showers Work?

How Do Rain Showers Work?You’d be wrong if you think that all shower heads are the same. While they may have the same simple function, there is a wide range of shower nozzles and choosing the right shower head is essential if you want to have a well-functioning bathroom.

Today, showering is not only perceived as a hygiene routine but also as an act of self-care, when your muscles can relax and your thoughts can drift. It’s time when you can relax and practice mindfulness. However, such comfort is not possible with standard showers which provide a narrow and directional flow of water. While this style is perfectly adequate and is suitable for smaller shower enclosures, people prefer the more pleasant experience of rainfall shower heads.

Rainfall showers are designed to give you the sensation of showering in rainfall and therefore, the shower heads work by releasing water in a much wider style, creating the feeling of standing under a cascade of water. Due to its greater surface area, a rainfall shower is the ultimate in showering luxury.

Where to Place It?

Where to Place It?While there are an abundance of designs available and a range of places where you can place a rainfall shower, personal preference is a key element that will help you decide where to place your first rainfall shower head.

Ceiling-mounted rain showers are super stylish and are often preferred due to their jaw-dropping style. As the name suggests, this type of rainfall shower is mounted on the false ceiling or in the plaster. However, since it is the most expensive type of rainfall shower, some prefer the exposed wall-mounted rain shower. As the easiest shower to install, the wall-mounted shower is connected to a wall-mounted faucet or to the shower panel.

Are Rain Showers Water Efficient?

Are Rain Showers Water Efficient?A water-saving shower head is not just a sustainable choice but also a budget-friendly one. The amount of water you can use and save will depend on the type of shower head you install. Some manufacturers, for instance, are very conscious about water efficiency and thus by using their shower heads, you won’t have to sacrifice superior performance for great savings.

That being said, research shows that rain showers don’t use more water than standard shower heads. In fact, the same amount of water would be used and spread over a larger surface area in order to create a rainfall feeling.



Are Rain Showers Worth the Hype?
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