Is It Possible to Perform a Plumbing Diagnostic Yourself?

The realization of a plumbing diagnosis is not only reserved for houses for sale or rent. This audit lets you know the general state of your plumbing installations (heating, piping, ducting, etc.). Therefore, any homeowner can request a plumbing diagnostic, even for a house used as a primary residence, especially if it is an old building. In general, this process should be performed by a qualified plumber. However, it is also possible to do it yourself to save money. To do so, you need to know about plumbing, as there are certain things to check.

What are the points to check during a plumbing diagnostic?

The purpose of a plumbing diagnostic is to detect any problems with the plumbing system and pipes. If you wish to dispense with the services of a professional, you should proceed as follows:

– First, check the condition of the shut-off valves. The main shut-off valve is usually located outside the house and is connected to the meter. Since it is not often handled, it could be blocked or rusted. Generally speaking, the various supply lines in your home also have a secondary shut-off valve. There are some in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, etc. This stops the water supply in case of a problem with your kitchen faucets, washing machine, etc.

In addition to the shut-off valves, it is essential to check that the piping is in good condition. Indeed, it is only recently that lead pipes were prohibited. Therefore, if your house was built before 1930, it is quite possible that your pipes are not yet made of copper. Over the years, lead can rust and can be hazardous to your health. If your home’s plumbing is still made of lead, it is essential to consider renovating it. Also, testing can be difficult, especially if the piping is embedded in the wall.

When do we talk about bringing sanitary installations up to standard?

A plumbing upgrade is essential for older homes, especially if the walls show signs of moisture or if some elements are rusty. The field of plumbing is governed by very strict standards: the NF DTU standard. This standard does not only concern pipes and ducts but also the different elements that make them up. For your home to comply with the standards, the equipment installed must allow access for people with reduced mobility (toilet, shower, etc.). This is why it is preferable to rely on a competent plumber to realize sanitary installations, whether in renovation or construction.

What about the re-sealing of sanitary installations?

A sanitary installation must comply with the standards and be watertight. This is important to avoid problems and improve the installation’s performance. Indeed, a defective seal should not be minimized since it can cause significant damage. Therefore, it is essential to check the condition of your seals and replace those damaged. And when you buy them, make sure you choose according to their use. In addition, there are very affordable models on the market, such as vulcanized fiber seals. They can be used in power systems and also heating. However, they are not strong enough and should be replaced every three years. The CSC Watts seals that withstand even high pressures are the best performing.

Is It Possible to Perform a Plumbing Diagnostic Yourself?

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