An electrician is a person who works and handles electricity. He is a technician, worker, or craftsman specializing in electrical equipment, installations, or repairs. The trade also involves the production and supply of electricity. It is a profession that appeared at the same time as the discovery of this energy source.

Electrical work is risky and dangerous, and a professional should always be called in during electrical work. Its evolution and experimentation are recent. Indeed, it has only entered daily life since the late 1800s. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you ought to know about being an electrician in France.

What are the roles of an electrician?


The electrician is responsible for installing and maintaining all electrical systems in our homes, industries, and factories. The electrician also does troubleshooting electrical materials. We tend to imagine that an electrician necessarily works in the construction industry. However, he can also work in the installations of shows or cinemas.

An electrician must first design a basic plan and diagrams before installing to determine the appropriate locations. Then, they can also implement the schematics. They can deal with renovation or construction. After the conduits and supports are installed, they lay the cables and set up the various devices such as heaters, outlets, lighting fixtures, and many others. Before putting any device into service, the electrician is obliged to bring it up to standard.

Their role is also to take the necessary safety measures for these devices. In case of malfunctions, it is the electrician who ensures the maintenance. In the renovation, he replaces the old devices, and in the construction, he ensures their compliance with the standards. So, in case of problems with your electrical installation, do not hesitate to contact an electrician.

The advantages of becoming an electrician


Becoming an electrician does not require several years of study. In fact, you can become a professional in the trade by following a training course leading to a CAP. You can also follow training courses at the level of Bac +2 or +3. The profession is constantly evolving. Being an electrician is no longer limited to daily or industrial installations.

Electricity is essential in our lives and every field. You can become involved in technology, networking, and even medicine. This means that an electrician has little risk of becoming unemployed. After finishing the training, he can easily find a job. Moreover, being an electrician does not always mean that he has to work in a company. Indeed, he has the possibility to create his own company and become an independent electrician.

This is the advantage of working as a craftsman. But before embarking on this path, you must have at least three years of experience. An electrician’s salary depends on his or her years of experience, as it does for every trade. However, an entry-level electrician can receive high compensation for his or her abilities and the area in which he or she works.

The disadvantages of the electrician trade


The scary thing about this trade is that it is dangerous. An electrician is exposed to many risks and dangers. Although they can take the mandatory safety measures, the risk of accidents is high, unlike in other jobs. The job puts the electrician’s health and life at risk. They must therefore be very careful.

During an installation, an electrician puts himself in uncomfortable positions. They may also have to squat, kneel or stand for hours. This work, therefore, requires a good physical condition. However, years of being in these positions can lead to chronic back pain, which is common to most workers in the field.

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Electrician: All About The Job In France
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