Thermostatic Shower Mixers

5 Best Thermostatic Shower Mixers


You dream of being able to adjust the temperature of your shower to the nearest degree, and especially to maintain this temperature throughout your shower. What if you chose a thermostatic mixer? All you have to do is compare! Many models combine design and performance. So that choosing one is not an ordeal, we have selected and compared 5 thermostatic mixers according to their characteristics (economy, temperature, safety system…) and the opinions of those who have bought them. 

Best thermostatic shower mixers: the top 5

The ultra-technological mixer:

GROHE – 34438003

If you’re looking for a mixer that allows you to obtain the desired temperature for your shower water quickly, this GROHE model could be the one for you. The GROHE TurboStat technology enables the mixer to reach the desired temperature fraction of a second.

To avoid any risk of scalding, it is equipped with the SafeStop button that limits the temperature to a maximum of 38°C (preset). Finally, the CoolTouch technology prevents the mixer’s body from heating up. Another plus is its elegant and sober design with its shiny chrome finish.

A minor drawback pointed out by buyers: the “water on” and “temperature” functions are reversed compared to other models on the market. A little time for adaptation is therefore required.

The pluses

Rapid attainment of the desired temperature

Temperature limited to 38°C

Elegant and sober design

The -s

The “water opening” and “temperature” functions are reversed.

Easy to use model:

Amzdeal AZ014A Thermostatic Shower Mixer

This mixing valve model guarantees a quick achievement of the desired temperature and its maintenance. For your safety, the maximum temperature is preset at 38°C; however, you can raise it to 50°C if you wish.

The adjustment is made easy thanks to the rounded handles. Finally, the ECO function allows you to save up to 45% of water, thanks to a reduced flow rate.

Those who bought it particularly appreciated its ease of installation.

The advantages

Very easy to install

Confidence stop at 38°C

45% water saving thanks to the ECO mode

The minuses

None of them!

The model that saves you money:

Thermostatic Shower Mixers

Hansgrohe Thermostatic Shower Mixer Ecostat 1001

This Hansgrohe thermostatic mixer combines several advantages. First of all, it allows you to save up to 50% on water and energy thanks to the Eco stop position that reduces the flow rate. It is then effortless to use, thanks to its precision system and ergonomics. Finally, it will seduce you with its shiny chrome and smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces. For your safety, a comfort stop has been provided at 40°C, preventing the selection of temperatures exceeding this level.

The pluses

50% water saving thanks to the Eco mode

Precise setting


Comfort stop at 40°C

The –

None of them!

The practical model:

GROHE Grotherm 2000 Thermostatic Bath/Shower Mixer

This model from GROHE combines design and performance in shower and bath/shower versions. For your comfort, the TurboStat technology ensures that water is available almost immediately at the desired temperature and that it is maintained. To prevent scalding, the SafeStop Plus system has been designed to limit the temperature to 38°C. However, you can request a higher temperature, which cannot exceed 50°C.

Those who have chosen it appreciate the shelf provided for shower gel and shampoo. However, note the imposing side of this mixer, which can be surprising.

The pluses

Almost immediate availability of water at the right temperature

Comfort stop at 38°C

Shelf to store your shower products

The –

The imposing side of this mixer.

The easy to install model:


GROHE Thermostatic Bath/Shower Mixer Grohtherm 1000 Cosmopolitan

This is another model from GROHE, also equipped with TurboSTAT technology to have water at the right temperature very quickly. To avoid scalding, the maximum temperature is preset at 28°C; you can increase it but not exceed 50°C.

Buyers appreciated the ease of installation of the mixer.

The pluses

Almost immediate availability of water at the right temperature

Comfort stop at 38°C

Easy to install

The -s

None of them!

Thermostatic mixing valve comparison: criteria to choose from

Thermostatic Shower Mixers

Do you need to replace your existing mixing valve and want to choose a thermostatic mixing valve? To make the right choice, it is vital to consider and compare different criteria. 


Several points are related to the material: the durability of the mixer, the ease of maintenance, its resistance… It is also essential to choose a mixer that matches the design of your bathroom. 

So, pay attention to the finishes. 

Chrome plated, the thermostatic shower mixer can be matte, brushed, or polished. Its strong points? Its ease of maintenance and its resistance. Note, however, that water drops can leave marks. 

Made of stainless steel, the thermostatic shower mixer is also resistant and less easily marked. Be careful, though; it is not scratch-proof.

Other finishes are possible, such as brass or synthetic materials, which are inexpensive.

Optional features of the mixer

Some optional features can be helpful in your thermostatic mixer. The safety aspect is particularly important. Some mixers are equipped with a system that sets a maximum temperature that must not be exceeded. 

On the flow side, a flow restrictor can be provided to allow you to save water. It takes the form of a mousse, which inflates the water droplets with air, or a resistance point, which blocks the flow rate halfway.

Advantages and disadvantages of a thermostatic mixing valve

The principle of a thermostatic shower mixer is simple: 2 levers are available to adjust the water flow and the other to adjust the temperature, which is thus fixed at the desired degree.

Another advantage for your comfort during the shower: the temperature remains constant… even when the pressure drops. Finally, this solution saves water; no need to waste time setting the right temperature. 

The main disadvantage of the thermostatic shower mixer is that it is more expensive than a simple shower mixer. 

5 Best Thermostatic Shower Mixers

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