How to Unclog a Pipe

How to Unclog a Pipe


    – Precautions to take before unclogging a drain with a drain cleaner

    – Step 1: Remove the trap (if necessary)

    – Step 2: Unclog the drain with the furet

    – Step 3: Reassemble the trap (if necessary)

    – Step 4: Check the installation

Unclogging a drain with a furet is an easy operation to perform.

More effective than a plunger or a chemical unblocker, using a furet makes it possible to unblock a pipe without damaging it and without using polluting and dangerous chemical products.

The furet is made up of a long, flexible rod, a crank or a handle at one end, and a corkscrew-like fiber rod at the other end. It fits easily into any pipe, and its corkscrew shaft allows it to pierce clogs and remove impurities trapped in the pipe.

Precautions to take before unclogging a drain with a furet

How to Unclog a Pipe

Before unclogging a drain with a plunger, check the shape of your drain trap. There are several types of traps: the angled trap, the straight trap, and the flat trap.

    – If the trap is angled, there is no need to disassemble it, as the furet will adapt to the trap’s curves.

    – If the trap is straight or flat, the furet will not pass and turn. Therefore, the trap must be removed and the furet inserted directly into the drain.

    – Most shower drains have a built-in trap that can be removed by simply pulling it up, allowing the furet to pass through. Once the drain is removed, consider disassembling and cleaning it.

If a drain is clogged, it will most often be at the trap or an elbow. In most cases, simply removing the trap and cleaning it will unclog the drain. However, a plunger becomes necessary when you have to work beyond the trap.

It is not necessary to turn off the water for all these operations.

Tip: Wear gloves to avoid coming into contact with the impurities that clog the pipe.

1. Dismantle the trap (if necessary)

If your trap is straight, it is necessary to disassemble it to unblock the drain with a furet.

    – Place a basin filled with a few centimeters of water under the trap.

    – Unscrew the threaded rings that hold the various parts of the trap together and remove them.

    – Let the dirt drain into the basin.

    – Dismantle the trap.

Tip: Take this opportunity to clean the trap with warm water and a cleaning product.

2. Unblock the drain with the drain cleaner

    – If the siphon is bent:

        ◦ Introduce the furet into the drain little by a little while turning the crank.

        ◦ Pull the furet head out of the drain regularly to clean it.

    – If the trap is straight or flat:

        ◦ Insert the furet head directly into the drain after removing the trap.

        ◦ Push it in gradually by turning the crank.

        ◦ Pull the furet head out of the drain regularly to clean it.

Tip: Don’t force it when you encounter an obstacle. Continue to gently turn the furet’s stem until its head clears the passage.

3. Raise the trap (if necessary)

If your trap is straight and you had to remove it to unclog a drain with a furet, you can now reassemble it.

    – Assemble the trap parts and the threaded rings that join them together.

    – Tighten the threaded rings with a pair of pliers or a large adjustable wrench.

4. Check the installation

After unclogging the drain with a plunger, check that the water is draining normally and that the trap is not leaking.

    – Plug your sink or washbasin and fill the basin with water.

    – Unclog it and observe the water flow.

    – If the water flows smoothly, you have unclogged the drain properly with the plunger. If the water doesn’t flow properly, repeat the operation until there is no more resistance.

    – Check the drain for leaks. The easiest way is to run your hand over it to feel if there is water :

        ◦ If you find any leaks, check that the threaded rings and trap parts are properly seated and tightened.

        ◦ If necessary, tighten the threaded rings.

    – If the furet’s use proves insufficient (for example, because the clog is beyond an elbow inaccessible to the furet), use a suction cup or chemical.

This is how you unclog a pipe using a furet. Remember to share your experience in the section below.

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How to Unclog a Pipe

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