Signs You Need a New Electrical Panel

Your electrical system is one of the most essential components in your entire home. Of all the various parts that come together to make up your electrical system, your electrical panel is, without a doubt, the most crucial element. Identifying when your electrical panel needs an upgrade is vital as it plays a role in the overall function of your home and safety, as faulty and outdated electrical panels are a very common cause of electrical fires in homes across the country. To help you identify some of the signs that your home’s current breaker is due for an upgrade. Here are some of the common signs that you may be looking for because it indicates that it is time for an electrical panel upgrade.


Your Circuit Breakers Trip Often

The circuit breakers in your breaker box are designed to trip when they overload in order to stop the flow of electricity and prevent overheating and other forms of damage to the box, wiring, and your home. This tripping is usually caused by the fact that the energy used in the home exceeds that capacity of what the electrical box is able to safely distribute in the house, and the breaker trips to protect itself. While this is designed to work that way, if you notice that your breakers seem to trip constantly, it could be an indicator that it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel to something newer that is better able to keep up with your energy needs.


Circuit Breakers Won’t Stay Reset

Circuit Breaker Won T Stay On | Best Reviews

Typically, when your circuit breaker trips, you can simply turn the breaker back on and restore the flow of energy. If the breaker won’t stay open after you reset it, it could be a sign that there’s a bigger problem you need to address. Switches that don’t reset or won’t stay reset after you do are usually an indicator of a problem with the entire switch box. In that case, the best thing you can do is invest in a breaker box replacement that will increase your electrical system’s capacity.


The System Uses Fuses Instead of Breakers

If your home is a little older, there is a chance that your electrical system uses a fuse system instead of the more modern circuit breaker system. While fuses are not inherently dangerous, they are a much more outdated and therefore risky safety system. Most systems that still use fuses were designed when most homes’ electrical needs were much lower than they are today, making them more unreliable and more dangerous than they were in the past. If your home’s electrical panel still uses fuses, the best thing to do is to call a professional electrician and have them provide you with a new electrical panel installation.


Hire a Professional

An electrical emergency is nothing to play with. If you’re not an experienced electrician, don’t try to handle the situation on your own. Not only could the situation get worse, but you could get hurt! For your safety, check out Lion Electric! This team has carved a reputation as a professional, trustworthy and efficient electrical business that seeks to provide only the highest quality of service.  They have created long-lasting relationships with their residential, commercial and industrial clients. They provide a full suite of electrical services from initial planning and designing to electrical inspections and renovations.


They will understand your electrical needs and ensure they provide you a completely safe environment for your family members or employees. They can be counted on to provide you with honest and reliable electrical services. Whether it’s a completely new electrical project for your home, business or commercial area or any electrical repair services you need, you can count on them to deliver.

Signs You Need a New Electrical Panel

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