Clogged Drain? 4 Tips to Help Fix It!

The typical thing about clogged drains is that you always encounter them unexpectedly and at the least ideal times of the day. For example, you long for that refreshing shower after your hard day at work, you turn on the tap but notice that the water just won’t come out. There it is. The drain is clogged. With the following practical, eco-friendly and simple tips, you can fix the problem permanently or temporarily. Try them!

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Tip 1: Use the Plunger

Clogs are usually caused by a stubborn accumulation of dirt in the siphon. With the classic plunger (suction cup on a stick), you can vacuum your drain to dislodge all kinds of dirt and blockage. You will then be able to purge any obstruction out.


-Seal the sink or sink overflow with duct tape. You can also have someone seal the hole in the landing with a rag to keep air out.

-Make sure there is a little water in the sink to enhance the suction cup effect.

-Place the plunger over the floor drain and make a few quick pumping movements up and down.

-Now, remove the suction cup and check if the water moves smoothly.

Tip 2: Clean the Siphon

You can easily clean the siphon yourself. You should do so regularly. This way, you will avoid unpleasant odours and, above all, clogging.


-Open the window because foul odors will be released.

-If necessary, put on cleaning gloves.

-First, place an empty bucket or container over a mop and under the siphon.

-Completely unscrew the siphon with a socket wrench and empty it.

-Remove the dirt from the siphon and clean the drain pipe between the siphon and the floor drain.

-Screw the siphon back on and make sure everything is screwed in tightly.

-Check to see if the drain is now working correctly.

If tips 1 and 2 did not give the desired result, it means that the clog is further downstream. You can solve a clog further down the pipe with the following tips.

Tip 3: Unclogging the Drain in an Environmentally Friendly Way

-With a kettle (only for grease accumulation)


-pour boiling water down the drain, and the grease buildup will literally “melt” due to the boiling water.

Baking Soda

You can try baking soda and vinegar (it usually works unless there is something clogged that can’t dissolve).

You will need:

-One cup of baking soda.

-One cup of vinegar.

-Hot water.


-First, pour the cup of baking soda down the floor drain.

-Next, carefully add the vinegar – beware! This will foam and bubble, so don’t get your face all over it.

-Let this paste sit for 15 minutes.

-Then pour boiling water over it.


This is usually effective enough to resolve the blockage. If this hasn’t fixed it yet, you can safely repeat it.

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Tip 4: Clogged Drain Spring Cleaner

This tip is again for clogs that are further down your drain pipe. With a set of spiral spring cleaner, you can unclog places you can’t reach otherwise.


-Pull the siphon apart again.

-Push the spring wire through the drain pipe.

-Make long strokes and push it as far as possible into the drain pipe.

-Squeeze the siphon and check to see if water from the sink or sink can now drain out.

If you’re still having issues, the experts at Asquith Plumbing in Melbourne can help. They are trained to locate any problems behind your clogged drains using CCTV drain cameras and offer efficient solutions. Contact them for more information!

Clogged Drain? 4 Tips to Help Fix It!

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