What Breaks Down Poop in the Toilet?

We’re not gonna lie; humans produce a tremendous amount of poop! People are so embarrassed by that, but our lives would be a whole lot easier if we were all a little more laid-back and acknowledged the fact that we all have turds hurtling out of our anuses (instead of snapping pictures of other people’s doo-doo and gossiping about it!) The average adult flushes about 145 kilograms of excrement down the toilet every year. That’s hard to believe, but, yes, all of these emanate from your little beer belly! Whether you have regular bowel movements, struggle to drop your logs, or use a stoma bag, you’re producing fabulous stools. Have you ever done a poo that was so hefty that you felt gloriously empty when it slid out? And have you ever wondered what happens when your stuff is blocked in your toilet with unpleasing aromas bombarding the room? Don’t be desperate when you experience this awful situation. We’ve got a handy list of reliable and proven methods you can try to dissolve unflushed logs. Of course, unclogging poop is certainly not an enjoyable and comfortable task at all. But we’re sure you’ll finish off the job without spending a truckload of money on expensive plumber services. Tackling the issue doesn’t have to be disgusting, stressful, or fastidious at all! Let’s explore the various options available.

#1. Toilet Brush

We probably all have a toilet brush next to the toilet bowl that we use to clean poop stains after flushing. However, you can use it as first aid when poop clogs your toilet, especially in a guest bathroom.

#2. Plunger

Having a plunger at home may seem like a simple thing, but it’s the cleanest, quickest, and easiest way to unclog a big fresh turd that doesn’t flush. Choose a plunger that’s wide enough to vacuum the open part of the bowl. Insert the plunger into the opening and slowly move it up and down.

As such, the necessary vacuum will be produced to unblock the opening. Then gradually speed up your movements. As soon as the poop has gone down the drain, rinse it out once more. In case the water flow is slower than usual, repeat the procedure even if it seems that the poop has disappeared as it is still stuck in the sewer. If left there, it will lead to further problems when you flush your toilet again. 

#3. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Instead of buying a commercial cleaning product, you can make a homemade cleaning product by combining baking soda and vinegar with hot water. Combining these two magic ingredients is a trusted, non-toxic household cleaner that is always useful if you have misplaced or don’t have a plunger on hand. It’s a simple, smart trick that can break down stool in your toilets. Pour a 240 ml glass of baking soda into a clogged toilet. Wait a minute or two. Then pour three-quarters of a glass of vinegar cautiously and smoothly into the toilet bowl.

#4. Detergent and Hot Water

A little more time and patience is required for this unclogging technique. It is straightforward. Simply pour a bucket of boiling water into your toilet. Hot water can soften and break down the poop, but you will have to repeat it a couple of times.

#5. Metal Cloth Hanger

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can use a plastic-covered metal hanger to remove poop from clogged toilets. Never use the one that is not covered with plastic to avoid damaging the porcelain. Wear waterproof gloves, unwrap the hanger with pliers and put one end in the toilet. Try to remove the cap by moving the hanger. Once you’ve unblocked the toilet, flush it several times until the bowl is thoroughly cleaned.

Caution: this process can be disgusting for some people. Use a cloth hanger and a pair of pliers to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.

But Where Does All My Poop Go?

Do we eat what we poop or poop what we eat? That’s a baffling yet curious question! Things that can be done with our feces go beyond our imagination…It turns out that the stuff we flush down the toilet is astonishingly useful. In fact, a significant portion of flushed stools ends up fertilizing crops that we eventually eat – Yum! Some of our poop gets used as fuel, and the rest ultimately reaches landfills or is used to power electricity. 

But before the fate of your poo is sealed, there’s an extensive line of steps to ensure it “is disease-free and safe for farms and waterways. From your toilet, your poop flows into the city’s sewer system and all the water that drains from our showers, sinks, and streets. From there, it goes to a sewage treatment plant. Stools are even used as transplants for medical purposes! So, don’t wait any longer! Unclog your toilet now and save lives today!

What Breaks Down Poop in the Toilet?

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  • 11/16/2022 at 08:54

    Thanks for sharing nice tips. The human bodies are full of “crap.” The remains of digestion become poop and unfortunately, we can’t break down poop in the stomach, so we have to release it.


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