6 Crucial Reasons to Carry Out Boiler Maintenance Services

The maintenance of your boiler is an essential step. An inspection visit must be carried out every year. For this, you must make an appointment with a qualified and certified professional. You can also opt for a maintenance contract that integrates this compulsory visit and other types of services.

What Is Boiler Maintenance?

An annual maintenance visit consists of a thorough cleaning of the boiler’s heating body, the compulsory control of the various components, the gas emission, and verification to determine whether the boiler complies with requirements. These include:

  • Equipment maintenance (boiler and flue)
  • Verification of disassembly regulation and safety devices
  • Complete maintenance and adjustment of the burner, combustion control

1) Guarantee Your Safety

Maintaining your gas boiler is essential for safety reasons, following accidents caused by leaks. Boilers produce carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless, non-irritating, and invisible element, which can be a source of serious intoxications. For instance, there are many domestic accidents linked to gas leaks each year, causing around 100 deaths. Regular monitoring of the device measures carbon dioxide emissions, identifies and fixes leaks, and improves the home’s ventilation to limit risks.

2) Respect Legal Obligations

 Regular maintenance of the boiler system also complies with legal requirements. Some boilers need servicing at least once a year. This obligation applies to oil, wood, gas, coal, or multi-fuel boilers with a power between 4 and 400 kilowatts.

3) Extend the Life of Your Boiler

The longevity of equipment also indicates whether the investment is reasonable and profitable. On average, the lifespan of a poorly maintained or unmaintained boiler varies between 10 to 12 years. However, the annual maintenance combined with regular cleaning and good gestures promotes the extension of its lifespan. It also helps to prevent and reduce the number of breakdowns and health risks, up to 5 times less!

4) Save energy

During the maintenance of your boiler, the professional checks whether its settings are optimized while taking into account your needs and the configuration of your accommodation. The proper set up of the device lowers the energy consumption required for its operation, which has an impact on the energy bill.

5) Protect the Environment

The combustion of the gas generates emissions of polluting particles, including nitrogen oxide and especially carbon dioxide. The latter contributes to greenhouse effect, one of the leading causes of global warming. Maintaining your boiler involves monitoring and evaluating these releases to the environment, thereby solving the problems detected.

6) Get Useful Advice on Heating Maintenance

The intervention of a professional for boiler maintenance is also a great opportunity to benefit from advice on:

  • good practices to follow when using the system
  • improvements needed
  • recommendations regarding the change of boiler and the equipment to choose

When Is the Best Time to Conduct Boiler Maintenance?

Technically, the annual maintenance can be carried out at any time. But it must be kept in mind that not all periods are as favorable to carry out the yearly maintenance.

Spring and Summer

After operating for several months, this is the right time to call a professional to disassemble, control, and clean your gas boiler. Maintenance companies are more available during this period since emergency breakdowns are less frequent. Your gas boiler will be ready to attack the next winter in the best conditions!


When the cold weather returns, there is still an ample amount of time to carry out gas boiler maintenance. However, the number of slots available during this time is also less limited, making this interval an excellent opportunity for boiler maintenance. 

Signs That Show Maintenance Is Required

Several signs show a servicing of the gas boiler is necessary. When the water  is no longer hot enough, you should consider bringing in a professional boiler to carry out a check. Other signs include an old gas boiler or the device breaking down too often.

It is not advisable to maintain your boiler on your own. This could lead to boiler malfunctions and cause you to lose all guarantees. Any intervention on your part before the intervention of a professional may result in the exclusion of any warranty and aggravate existing problems. Some adjustments can quickly be made, but the best is still to call in a qualified person. A professional will know how to optimize the quality of your equipment and make necessary repairs.

If you’re looking for professionals in this field in New York, the team at Beato Fuel & Appliance Corp can help you. Combining the know-how and culture of their profession, an expert will be able to carry out boiler maintenance, but also provide you with useful advice. For example, for the purchase of heating equipment, they remain in the best position in recommending the type of boiler suitable for your home, based on performance needs and the system’s configuration. Do not hesitate to contact them!

6 Crucial Reasons to Carry Out Boiler Maintenance Services

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  • 12/13/2022 at 02:59

    Some owners of gas boilers are trying to save on maintenance and are trying to fix the problem in the unit on their own. However, this approach will void the warranty period and may exacerbate the problem. Often, after trying to fix a problem in the unit with your own hands, repairs only become more expensive.

  • 07/17/2023 at 08:48

    Boiler maintenance as a way to conserve energy sounds really important for sure. That could help us keep our bills down as much as possible, especially since this is an appliance that we really rely on for seasons like fall and winter. I’ll go around and look for a boiler repair expert who can help me out with what I need done right away.


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