Step 1: Disassemble your dryer
Step 2: Unscrew the fan impeller nut and remove the belt.
Step 3: Install the new dryer belt.
Step 4: Reassemble the dryer

The belt of the dryer is a rubber element that allows the motor to drive the drum and impart its rotational movement to it. This belt is subject to considerable wear and tear over time, to the point where the dryer may have difficulty turning or simply stop. It is possible to intervene yourself quite easily.

Here’s how to repair a dryer belt.

1. Dismantle your dryer

Important: Before handling, make sure to unplug your dryer from the power supply.

Remove the rear panel on the back of the machine. Remove only the raised part with the rounded shapes.

Remove the top panel: this is the top of the dryer. It is usually held in place by 4 screws that attach it to the frame, and sometimes also by plastic clips.

Remove the control panel: this is the console that you use to program each wash. The fasteners are located under the top panel and are therefore visible at this stage.

Remove the baseboard at the foot of the dryer.

Remove the side panels.

Caution: the control panel remains attached to the entire dryer by its electrical cables. Carefully place it on top of the dryer.

Tip: some dryers have wheels on the back, which make it easy to move them around by tilting them slightly.

2. Unscrew the nut on the fan impeller and remove the belt from the dryer

Unscrew the fan impeller nut: it is located at the bottom of the machine, behind the rear panel which is already removed.

Remove the nut and the fan.

Remove the old belt. If it is not broken, cut it with a pair of scissors.

3. Place the new belt on the dryer

Unscrew the 2 top rails of the dryer.

Carefully separate the drum from the wheels supporting it by tilting it slightly backwards.

Place the new belt around the drum.

Gently replace the drum and screw the cross bars back on.

Place the belt around the motor shaft, installing it precisely on the grooved portion of the shaft.

Reposition the belt around the drum so that it matches the grooves on the motor shaft.

Rotate the drum by hand until the belt fits into place.

4. Reassemble the dryer

Replace the fan and tighten the nut.

Then reassemble the individual components in the following order:

a) the side panels;
b) the baseboard;
c) the control panel;
d) the top panel;
e) the rear panel.

There you go, you’ve fixed your dryer! If the above steps does not seem too easy, you can get in touch with Unit Appliance for their high-quality repair services.

How to Change a Dryer Belt

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