Tips for Buying a Water Heater

A water heater is used for domestic purposes. It is either powered by electricity, gas, or by the sun. Getting yourself a water heater is not something you do every day, like buying groceries. It is like buying a house; the choice of a water heater will affect the quality of life you will lead from that point onward. A water heater is a must nowadays because it heats instantly, saving us time and adding to our comfort. A water heater’s energy cost makes up to 18% of the total utility cost. It is, therefore, essential to opt for the type of heater that will suit your household needs.

Here are some aspects to take into account when intending to purchase a water heater.


The bigger your family, the more hot water you will need. You need to figure out the ideal size of the water heater you will buy. For example, a tank-less water heater suits a family of four, but bigger families might need a storage-tank water heater, which can supply more hot water.

Hot water temperature

The water temperature varies from tank-less to solar heaters. A solar water heater depends on the sunshine available; hence, the water temperature fluctuates from day to day. On the other hand, a tank-less heater provides constant water temperature.

Energy costs and Eco-friendly

If you are conscious about energy efficiency and eco-friendly practices, you might opt to invest in a solar water heater, which offers savings on energy on a long term basis, as well as decreasing your carbon footprint.


Electric tank-less water heaters are cheap to maintain, and they do not use up a lot of space. The cost of buying is not as expensive, and since it is an investment that you intend to stay with for a long time, then you need to make sure that the quality you buy is good, and that means the more high end. They are easy to clean and portable. They have a secure control system, making it easy to control the temperature of the water you heat.

A gas water heater costs slightly more, and a solar water heater is the most expensive option due to its installation costs.

To make sure that the model that you have chosen is the best tank-less water heater brand in your price range, you should always read consumer water heater reviews. From the experiences of other consumers, you can quickly identify models that have problems and determine which manufacturers offer the best service.


It is always advisable to opt for the higher warranty coverage. More extended warranty models perform better in water heating.

Tips for Buying a Water Heater

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