Importance of Plumbing When Buying a House

Buying a house is considered a life-long investment. Inspection before buying a new home is crucial, whether it is electricity or plumbing, everything needs to be inspected! While a certified home inspector will likely be assigned to review the condition of your future home, these professionals don’t look at plumbing in-depth.

For a thorough plumbing report, you will need to be accompanied by a professional and trusted plumber who will inspect future problems. Here are the common problems you should be aware of before purchasing a home:

• Leaky toilets- always check if they are in good conditions or if they leak from the sides.

• Brown ceiling stains- check with the real estate agent if you see any brown ceiling, see if there is anything that can be done to prevent this type of problem.

• Replacing the water heater- with time water heaters become redundant and cost more money on your electricity than providing hot water, so better consider replacing it when moving in.

• Slow drainage- to know if the drains are functioning well, fill the sink or tub with water and see how it flows.


There it goes, now you can buy your house!

Importance of Plumbing When Buying a House
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