Tile for Shower Trays?

Upgrading to a fresh new shower? As you choose fixtures and finishes, a key decision is selecting the right shower tray. Tiled trays offer advantages that make them a top choice for many homeowners. Read on to learn why tile merits strong consideration for your next shower installation or remodel.

Customizable Styling

Glazed ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tiles allow for incredible design flexibility. Mix sizes, patterns, materials and layouts to create a shower floor that matches your personal style. Contrast with wall tiles or continue the same scheme underfoot for harmony. Mosaics, large squares, hexagons – any tile look can suit a tiled tray.

Beyond looks, adjustable drain placement and sloped trays accommodate any shower size and shape. Curbless entry? Barrier-free access? Built-in seating? Tiled trays adapt seamlessly. Tile thickness is easily adjusted to ensure proper drainage slope. With nearly endless possibilities, tile empowers custom showers.

Durability and Longevity

Quality tile is incredibly durable, outlasting most other shower tray materials. Hard glazes resist scratches, chips and dents that can occur dropping bottles. Natural stone wears smoothly over decades. Porcelain lasts practically forever when properly installed.

Tile lasts longer with virtually no maintenance required beyond routine cleaning. Regrouting periodically preserves water resistance. Proper thinset mortar application prevents loose or cracked tiles. Though delicate glass mosaics need gentler care. The longevity of tile earns back its higher upfront cost over many extra years of service.

Low Maintenance and Easy Cleaning

Walk-in Shower Tray

Tile’s hard, non-porous surface makes it resistant to most dirt, soap scum and mildew. A quick wipe down keeps tile looking fresh between deeper scrubbing. No need for harsh chemicals – just a gentle cleaner and soft brush. Grout is easily scrubbed with specialized grout brushes.

Avoid porous natural stones like marble that require intensive sealing. While tile requires occasional resealing of grout, the tiles themselves don’t retain grime or stain easily. Choose larger grout lines for easier maintenance. Skip small mosaic spacing if not prepared to meticulously maintain grout. With proper sealing, tile stays tidy with little effort.

Water and Slip Resistance

Glazed tile or stone surfaces provide water resistance, preventing leaks through the floor. Natural stones offer varying water resistance – check absorption ratings before selecting. Puddling is minimized on sloped trays directing water to the drain. This keeps the shower floor safely navigable and hygienic.

Textured tiles and mosaics boost traction and create “grip” underfoot. Larger stones can get slippery – mix in textured accents like pebble mosaics. Avoid super glossy tile in the shower floor. Apply sealants made for Wet Areas to grout and tile for added water protection and slip resistance. Tile outperforms most shower tray materials for wet environment safety.

Green and Healthy Choice

Natural stone and ceramic tile contain no VOCs, toxic chemicals or allergens. Glazed tiles don’t support mold growth. Local and sustainable sourcing for many tiles make them an eco-friendly option. Durable tile avoids landfill waste for decades compared to cheaper disposable trays.

Excess tile can even be recycled and reused in future projects. Tile requires minimal cleaning solutions, avoiding chemical usage and packaging waste. A tile shower tray aligns with health-conscious and environmentally-friendly lifestyles. And provides soothing contact with natural elements like stone.

Tile for Shower Trays?

With nearly unlimited design potential plus outstanding performance, tile is a go-to material for shower trays. Just plan carefully for the substructure, slope, and drainage to ensure success. Invest in professional installation and quality tile materials. The result will be a fully customized shower space you can enjoy for many years of safe daily use.

Tile for Shower Trays?

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