Why Proceed With Camera Pipe Inspection?

Sewer, sink, shower, bathtub, toilet… cause many problems when clogged. Sometimes, a simple unclogging operation by yourself is no longer enough that it is necessary to call a professional. To diagnose the pipes, the latter uses a video camera. This technique makes it possible to detect the origin of the obstruction, the size, and the depth of the blockage. Want to know more about this process? Read the article!

Camera Inspection: To Search for Anomalies Causing a Clog

The use of a video camera is necessary when a pipe is clogged. Most of the time, corrosion or abrasion is the leading cause of this problem. By proceeding with the camera inspection, the expert will be able to perform an in-depth analysis of the condition of the pipes. At the end of this analysis, he will judge the extent of the work to be done.

It also happens that a crack or a break in the pipe is at the origin of the bad drainage. With the help of a professional camera, the expert can determine precisely where the problem comes from. To remedy the problem, he can, for example, perform a lining, a simple and inexpensive pipe repair technique.

Other reasons for water pipe blockages include seepage, subsidence, tree roots, joint defects, etc. Using a professional camera; the expert can easily solve the problem.

Camera Inspection: To Detect the Malfunction of a Septic Tank

Foul smells coming from a septic tank, overflowing, or the inability of the tank to empty itself are warning signs. This indicates that the tank needs to be emptied and cleaned. These operations are necessary to avoid a possible backflow of wastewater. During his inspection, the professional can send a camera inside to locate the location of the obstruction. From the images received, he can determine whether or not it is necessary to purge the septic tank. Any other malfunctions will also be detected with this technological inspection tool.

Camera Inspection: To Find the Origin of a Sewer Blockage

When just one part of a sewage system is clogged, it can cause serious problems. Uncleared sewage can back up through the shower, bathtub, sink, toilet, etc. To quickly find the source of the blockage, the plumber will use an endoscope that he will insert at one end. Depending on the length of the cable, he can go as far as possible in locating the problem.

Thus, the use of the endoscope is of great importance to avoid the obstruction’s aggravation. It also facilitates the decision-making in the rehabilitation of the pipes.

Camera Inspection: To Detect a Leak or a Defect

The permanent presence of water in the kitchen or bathroom does not happen by chance. It shows that the piping system of a house has a problem. In this case, a camera inspection is mandatory. The expert will get more explicit images (360 degrees) of the pipe network, allowing him to find the leak’s origin quickly.

The Type of Camera Used by the Professional Unblocker

Sewer cleaning companies usually use an endoscopic camera to analyze pipe blockage problems effectively. This device is designed to be easily attached to a pipe. Once inside, the pipe provides a complete view of the pipe system.

Among the cameras most used by professional unblockers is the rotary camera. Very practical, it offers a 360-degree view. Its LED bulbs provide clear images, making it easier to carry out the necessary repairs. To optimize the intervention of the unblocker, the camera is fixed on an odometer mounted on a large-diameter wheel reel.

For use in the best conditions, the rotating camera is manufactured with a 2-bar seal and can be inserted into a pipe of 40 mm diameter. This technological tool has a 60 to 120 m cable for taking pictures and recording sound. In addition, it is also equipped with an external screen to view what is happening inside the pipe.

Why Proceed With Camera Pipe Inspection?

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