The professional work of plumbers is something a lot of us take for granted until we are faced with a leaky pipe in our kitchen or a broken tap in the bathroom. Once this happens, we often turn to a plumber to save us from the stress and inconvenience to our daily routine. These professionals deal with a whole range of issues, so let’s discover some of the most common ones together.


Leak Repairs Plumber

As you might expect, leaks are one of the most common reasons to call for a plumber. I myself have recently had to deal with a leaky kitchen faucet that was driving me to distraction. Luckily, I had the number for a nearby plumbing company, so I called for help. Imagine my surprise when the plumber informed me that the leak could be the result of a corroded pipe! Thankfully, he was able to fix the issue with ease, but I’ll be checking my pipes more regularly now!

Toilet Repairs Plumber

Clogged toilets are never any fun, and trying to fix them on your own can result in worsening the problem. Instead, call a plumber – they have specialized tools to ensure the clog is dealt with properly. For instance, plumbers will often use high-powered water jets to dislodge any debris clogging up your pipes and ensure that your pipes are completely cleared.

Water Heater Servicing

As you can probably imagine, water heaters are essential in winter. However, it is sad that most of us tend to neglect our systems and start panicking when we start freezing in the shower through a lack of hot water. Fixing a water heater should always be left to an expert, so make sure that whichever plumber you call in an emergency is trained to work on water heating systems. Also, do keep up with the scheduled maintenance of your system to avoid these issues in the future.


Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

Do you know that your garbage disposal becomes worn out through overuse? Many plumbing companies repair damaged garbage disposals or replace them with new ones. But how to know when exactly to call a plumber for this service? All you need to do is to check for these issues:

  • Do you hear grinding sounds?

  • Is your sink filled with standing water after use?

  • Is there a strong and unpleasant smell coming from your sink?

  • Do you find any types of decay leading to leaks?

Angle Stop Repair

Your angle stop is a small valve that is used to control the water flow to your home. Though innocuous, the fitting is an essential part of your water supply and, should anything happen to it, needs to be replaced by an expert.


Gas Piping Repair Service

Many plumbers these days are also cross-trained to handle gas pipe installations and repairs. While the principle of repairing these fixtures is similar enough to water pipes, you should always ensure that any plumber you call to have a look at your gas pipes is certified to do so.

Sewer Mains Installation and Repair

You must be aware that your sanitary sewer is a pipe that transports sewage from your home to a disposal plant. Thus, sewer inspection is essential before buying a new home. Also, you should hire an experienced plumber to fix a clogged. The same can be done for a slow sewer.

Drain Cleaning Service

Another common reason for contacting a plumbing service provider is to clean out your drainage system. This area is prone to debris accumulation over time and can get clogged.


Which of these services have you ever needed to hire a plumber for? Please share your comments below!

The Common Plumbers Services Used Today

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