The Basics of Electrical Wiring

Residential home wiring is not something to joke about. It is literally life and death matter. Poor wiring can lead to personal injury and electrically caused fires. Here are some few basics you need to know about electrical wiring.

Service Entry

This is the point in your home where your electrical services flow from the main grid into your home. Make sure that any entry line is at least 10 feet above the ground, inaccessible from windows, and free of obstructions such as tree limbs. You also need to ensure it is kept away from water.

Panel Board

This is your control center and is the main area which has power over all of your electrical wires in the house. It usually has different breakers that control different areas of the home and their electrical wiring.

Branch Circuits

This is usually put to the isolated area of your home as all the electrical currents are directed there. You need to be highly careful and vigilant about its position and status as it optimal performance is critical for your home wiring.

While knowing the basics can help you make small changes to your electrical wiring, it is always recommended to have an electrician by your side. The electrician has the necessary knowledge and experience to make changes or fix issues with your home’s wiring.

The Basics of Electrical Wiring

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