A Guide to Plumbing Tools and Equipment for Beginners

If you want to know how to fix a small pipe leakage or other plumbing hacks, then you must first learn about the different tools and equipment that a professional plumber uses. If you are a homeowner with no experience in plumbing, even the basic plumbing tools will look unfamiliar to you. Here are some of the plumbing tools that professional plumbers make use of.

1. Plumber’s Tape

Plumber’s tape is an essential material that can be used to prevent leaks at threaded plumbing connections. It is generally white in color and is wound on the threads of pipes, valves, faucets, showerheads, and other plumbing systems to make the connections tight and leak-proof.

2. Wrenches

Wrenches are another essential part of a plumber’s tool-kit. This tool is adjustable, toothed or smooth jaws at one end of a long handle. There are a wide variety of wrenches available and they differ on their jaw head size, handle size, jaw head shape, the purpose of use and so on. Wrenches can grip around pipes and used to hold, turn, remove or fit plumbing pipes and fixtures.

3. Plungers

The plunger may be the most recognizable tool among all the other plumbing equipment. It is usually used to clear clogs in sinks, tubs, toilets, and showers. They usually have a rubber cup attached to a wooden or metallic rod. The rubber cup creates a vacuum and sucks out the clogging debris and materials.

4. Tape Measure

The tape measurement is the simplest tool to use. The metallic measuring tape rolled inside a small, compact, plastic case is used to measure the dimensions of plumbing systems and components.

5. Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are usually used to screw or unscrew various connections with the help of screws, nails, and nuts. There are a wide variety of screwdrivers available on the market with various point sizes and shapes. The most commonly used screwdrivers are the star and plus-shaped screwdrivers.

6. Tube or Pipe Cutters

This is a wrench-and-blade setting used to cut metallic or plastic tubes and pipes. The head of this tool is generally adjustable according to the width of the tube or pipe.

7. Washers

Washers are simple, round, and flat disks with a hole at the center that sits inside faucets and showerheads. They are most commonly used to control the intense flow of water through the faucets and showerheads.

These are just a few of the plumbing tools that plumbers use on a daily basis to fix and repair plumbing related issues. Click here to learn more plumbing tools.

A Guide to Plumbing Tools and Equipment for Beginners
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