How to Clean the Condenser of a Dryer


Step 1: Remove the condenser from the dryer
Step 2: Check condenser cleanliness
Step 3: Clean the condenser
Step 4: Replace the condenser in the dryer

The condenser is an element present only on condensing clothes dryers. Its role is to dehumidify the hot air coming from the drum.

It is made of aluminium tubes cooled by the outside air. The cooling of this hot air causes the transformation of water vapour into condensed water.

The success of this process depends essentially on the good circulation of hot air/cold air through the aluminium walls of the condenser.

This is why it is essential to clean the condenser of a clothes dryer once or twice a month or after 5 to 7 drying cycles. Refer to the operating instructions for your appliance to find out the cleaning frequency recommended by the manufacturer.

If the condenser is clogged with lint, your dryer is less efficient, the drying time is increased as well as the electricity consumption.

Here is the procedure to follow to clean the condenser of a condensing clothes dryer.

Caution: The tumble dryer is a heating appliance that presents a fire hazard. Fluff can be deposited on the (heating) resistors, or clog the ventilation circuit and prevent the appliance from cooling down. Regular maintenance of your filters and condenser is therefore essential to prevent these risks!

1. Remove the condenser from the dryer

To clean the condenser of a clothes dryer, remove it according to the instructions for use of your clothes dryer. In the case of front-opening models, this is usually done as follows:

Open the dryer door.

Press the button in the centre, which opens the condenser compartment.

Move the knobs in the direction indicated.

Remove the condenser using the handle. Hold it in its original position to prevent water remaining in the condenser from dripping.

Caution: Before handling, turn the dryer knob to the “Off” position and unplug the dryer.

2. Check the condenser for cleanliness

Observe the condenser by checking the gaps between the aluminium plates, on the faces and sides :

There are no residues: return it to its compartment (step 4).

There are residues: clean the condenser from the dryer (step 3).

3. Clean the condenser

Once removed from its compartment, you can clean the condenser as follows:

Wipe the condenser with a soft cloth.

Wipe the condenser with a soft cloth. Run it under the sink faucet or under the shower head, following the rinsing direction indicated in the instructions for your dryer.

Make sure that none of the holes in the condenser are blocked.

Let the condenser dry while you clean the door. If you replace it immediately, the water will have difficulty evaporating and this will lead to over consumption of your dryer.

Clean the door and the condenser compartment with a soft cloth.

Wipe the condenser seals with a soft cloth.

Caution: Do not use any abrasive products to clean a dryer, otherwise the dryer will be damaged. Using a brush may also damage the seals.

4. Replace the condenser in the dryer

After cleaning the condenser, return it to its compartment:

Insert the condenser in its compartment until it stops.

Lock the condenser by replacing the knurls in the direction indicated.

Close the compartment door.

Reconnect the dryer plug for the next use.

Note: Position and lock the condenser correctly to ensure that the condensing system is watertight.

How to Clean the Condenser of a Dryer

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