How to Calculate Your Electrical Power

It is the first question that arises when subscribing with an electricity distributor.

In theory, the electrical power required is the sum of the powers of all the electrical devices available.

But in reality, it is much lower, since not all devices work at the same time. The type of accommodation and the nature of your electrical equipment will be the two main elements to consider to find the most suitable subscription.

Electrical Power Calculation: Instructions for Use

Different electrical powers depend on the type of subscription, ranging from 3 to 36 kVA (kilovolt amperes).

Below is an idea of the electrical power that will be required for your lifestyle, your home, and your daily consumption:

– 3 kVA: this lowest electrical power is intended for people in a small dwelling, with basic electrical appliances, without extra.

– 6 kVA: it is intended for an apartment or house with a surface area of around 100 m2 without a heating system. This power is sufficient for this type of residence if it is equipped with small electrical appliances, a tv set or an electric oven.

– 9 kVA: always intended for homes of 100 m2, this higher power is justified by better electrical comfort with audiovisual equipment and a complete set of household appliances.

– 12 kVA: ideal power for a large heated home with comfortable electrical and electronic equipment.

– From 15 to 36 kVA: these high power ranges are more appropriate for people with large heated but poorly insulated living areas. They also have the particularity of having many electrical appliances and equipment.

Electrical Power: What Happens If It Is Exceeded?

In the event of a specific overrun of the chosen electrical power, the general circuit-breaker is tripped, and the power supply is cut off throughout the entire housing. It must then be restarted manually. To avoid this type of inconvenience, the load shedder is a useful device.

If you wish, you can get in touch with an electrical installation specialist at Blue Diamond Electric. The company has more than 18 years of experience in the field, and they’ll design an efficient electrical solution that suits all your requirements.

Calculation of the Electrical Power

The electrical installation of your home is omnipresent in your daily life. Heating, lighting, household appliances: all your equipment is essential. But your installation has a cost and requires an appropriate subscription. To choose the right one for you, you must evaluate the needed electrical power. Here are some tips for calculating your electrical power.

Electrical Power Calculation: How to Measure?

The calculation of the electrical power is based on the values specific to your electricity consumption, i.e. the voltage and intensity of your domestic installation. Several devices can be used to calculate this data:

– Voltmeter: This device is used to measure the voltage of your electrical wiring measured in Volt (noted V). To evaluate the voltage delivered by your supplier, you must take into account the voltage measurement specific to your home, i.e. the AC voltage.

– Ammeter: in analog or digital version, this device is used to evaluate the intensity of the electrical current flowing through them.

– Multimeter: this measuring device makes it possible to calculate all the characteristic values of the current such as voltage, current, electrical power…

Calculation of Electrical Power and Consumption Stations

The calculation of the electrical power will depend directly on the different consumption items of your home and the percentage of electrical consumption specific to each equipment:

– heating: nearly 50%;

– hot water: about 17%;

– lighting: low energy consumption, about 3%;

– household appliances:

◦ dishwasher: on average 14% of household appliance consumption;

◦ washing machine: 7%;

◦ tumble dryer: around 14%;

◦ refrigerator: on average 32%;

◦ TV and audiovisual: 12%.

Electrical Power Calculation: Which Subscription to Choose?

The subscription between the supplier and you runs for one year. You have 15 days to take out a new subscription or terminate a contract with your former supplier.

Multiply your requests for quotes or request simulations to choose the most advantageous offer.

You can also use your electrical power calculation to choose the right subscription, so as not to overestimate your needs and pay more for nothing. If you are having doubts, Blue Diamond Electric can take responsibility for your residential electrical upgrades for a new, better and more efficient system.

Electricity Tariff and Calculation of Electrical Power

Suppliers offer à la carte subscriptions. You can choose fixed or variable rates depending on the time of year. More flexible subscriptions offer a rate that adapts to peak and off-peak hours when the kilowatt-hour is the cheapest.

At times, it may be challenging to choose what is suitable for your home power. Therefore, if you need electrical services for new construction or renovation projects, you can count on Blue Diamond Electric for excellent advice, workmanship, and value for your money.

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How to Calculate Your Electrical Power

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